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The Main advantages of using systems such as Microsoft Access for the client program is in the “bang-for-your-buck” that is obtained by using such Rapid Application Development (RAD) systems and also the built-in functionality.

The built-in wizards provide the facility to produce working forms and reports within hours and usually during the requirements discussions. Note these are not finished products and usually require some hours of work each to make them work as required.

Along with the choice of database architecture is the consideration of these advanced architecture choices:

  • How important is the system?
  • Is it mission Critical?
  • When dozens of client computers depend on a single server, what is the cost of downtime?
  • What speed of response is required?
  • What is the expected traffic?
  • How big will the database be?
  • How important is security? - If the system is hacked-into from the internet what will be the cost to the company?
  • Will the system need a full-time database administrator?

These choices are generally of equal importance to the basic architecture choices, as they impact the profitability of the overall business.

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A short discussion / summary of database architecture is presented on this page.

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