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Features of Filing Clerk
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Document Storage Subsystem

Document Sources

* Scanner

* e-Mail

* Any Disk File

* Web connected E-mail e.g. Hotmail

Document Types


Integrates with MS Office Programs


Office Document Imaging

Interaction with other programs

User selected OCR software

Meta-data collection

Via input wizard, using AI to recognise similar documents

Original Document

Stored as Tiff bitmap

File Documents stored in original format.

Stored as body-text (first page)

Recall original document on demand

Document Storage

Read-only.  Documents can be hidden but never deleted.

Categorisation: documents can be categorised by these properties

To-do Report

Reference Number


Company corresponding

Contact within company

Project Folder


User defined categories

Security level

Monetary Value

The value of an incoming invoice or an item of income is captured together with  GST amount. Used to produce Financial Report

Automatic Wizards

Automatically send an e-mail to actionee

Create an Outlook Task with an alarm

Creates an entry in the To-Do List

Wizard Assistance

Add a new document

Add a note

Locate a Person in a company

Locate a person or company from a phone number

Security Features

User Identification

Automatic – the user’s network Login Name name is used

User Security Levels
(1 of 4)

* Secure access

* Restricted Access

* Public Access

* No Access

Default Access Level

User-selectable between Public and No Access

Further Security

System closes down after 20 mins. inactivity

Document Contents and Meta-data

Forms available for viewing or editing document metadata

Document summary

Document Detail

Original Document

To-Do List

Reports avaiable to display document metadata

Document Summary

Folder Contents

Financial Report

Document Type

Completed Items Report

Document Data Filters

Impromptu filters available on

Item (document) Type

Reference Number

Data direction - incoming or outgoing

Security Level

Company Corresponding

Contact Person


Action Completed

Further Processing

Project or Folder

Date of Document (before, after or range)

Text in document body

Text in “Action to be taken”

Invoice Total



By any column, Ascending or Descending