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Filing Clerk

Filing Clerk

Designed to record essential business documents and make them available to your staff through any networked workstation; Filing Clerk is a central filing system for each project or cost area that your business uses.

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Filing Clerk automatically files and categorizes your documents.

Categories and Properties
Using AI (artificial intelligence), the documents are automatically cataloged and stored within the correct “project folder” together with references to the associated company, document type, reference number,  and appropriate categories.

These properties can be used to locate the document rapidly.

Single Point Storage

Filing Clerk is a Single Point Storage System. It records all documents that you exchange with your suppliers and customers in a single, central, network storage location. Allowing you and your employees to locate important documents and notes rapidly regardless of its age, and it identifies the most up-to date version of each document.

Record all documents

Filing Clerk records all of the documents that your business depends on:

  • contracts,
  • faxes,
  • paper mail,
  • e-mail
  • word processor documents,
  • photographs
  • CAD drawings, etc.

Unlike the “My Documents” folder,  Filing Clerk records each document in its original form together with several user-definable categories and index notations, enabling rapid recall using a fast flexible search and filter.


Filing Clerk never forgets!
Filing Clerk is designed to never delete any document, thus essential business documents can never be accidentally or maliciously lost.*

On the other hand, Filing Clerk will hide any unwanted documents from prying eyes,  providing three levels of security to prevent the general population from viewing sensitive information.

Easy to back-up
Due to the fact that all documents and files are stored within two files (back-end and vault), Filing Clerk is very easy to back-up. Simply copy the two files to a CD or DVD.  Ensuring once again, that your precious information is almost impossible to lose.



Determine why your business needs to invest in  a Single Point Storage System like Filing Clerk


Filing Clerk now comes with Financial Reporting

Imagine, all you have to do is record all of your expenses and income documents (which you will probably want to do anyway) then select “Financial Report” and  most of your BAS is done for you.



How Filing Clerk Works

*Only the database admin-istrator has security access to Filing Clerk’s “back-end” and “vault”.  Thus in normal usage, no user has any ability to delete a file recorded within Filing Clerk.

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