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How It Works

Filing Clerk performs two functions

  • Store documents in a ‘single-point’ central archive and make them rapidly available to all authorised staff. (see below)
  • Store versions of documents that are being written / developed. tracking changes and allowing promotions etc. to be performed by authorised supervisors. Read More >>

Storing data: 

Filing Clerk will archive documents from  any source, specifically:

  • from a scanner
  • from an e-mail
  • from any computer file

In storing documents in its single point archive, Filing Clerk automatically determines the properties of each document.  To do this, a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used.   read more >>

The properties automatically recorded include

  • project folder
  • document type,
  • reference number, 
  • associated company,
  •   & the contact within that company
  • appropriate categories.
  • required completion date

Security levels are recorded with the document’s properties, so that unauthorized users cannot view secret documents.

Attachments to e-mails can optionally be stored as additional documents

Documents that have been stored cannot be deleted by any user, accidentally or maliciously

Optionally, Filing Clerk can generate an automatic e-mail to the actionee when a document is stored.

Additionally, Notes and Appointments can be created in MS-Outlook using data from a Filing Clerk document.





Features Summary


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Recalling data:

Once recorded in its Single Point Storage Location, Filing Clerk provides several different ways to locate any document, either displaying the properties of the document or displaying the original document.

The Document Summary form lists all recorded documents.  It contains search and filter facilities that locate your target document or any group of documents, rapidly.     Read more >>

  • As well as locating all documents held ‘within’ a ‘project folder’, documents can be grouped by
  • Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Reference number (sometimes called Customer number).
  • Whether the document has been successfully processed.
  • documents can be located by selecting those between nominated dates.
  • or those received recently.
  • the presence of specific words in the document text
  • or the presence of specific words within the action text.
  • Categories can be selected individually or in combination.
  • Only documents that are recorded with your security level or less can be viewed.

The Document Details form displays all of the recorded properties of the desired document. and gives you access to the Original Document

The To-Do list displays all documents that have not been marked as completed.   Read More >>

Documents that have been recorded with defined categories and a dollar value  are listed in the Financial Report, however as this report can be produced with multiple filtering criteria, this can be viewed as many different reports.   Read More >>

Other facilities are available to speed up the running of your business.

  • The details of the companies that your business deals with are available in summary and detail form.
  • Individual persons within companies can be located by a wizard search that locates the name of the person.
  • Or by locating a phone number within its company.