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Legacy Apps

User Designed Databases and Spreadsheets
Many organizations have applications that have been constructed by front line workers, who understand the needs of the business segment and who have recognized opportunities which other staff members have been unable to envisage.

This often results in a brilliantly conceived application that performs its prime function  well but which is often difficult to use, hard to maintain and which is not integrated with the company’s backbone software, and should the originator leave the company... disaster!

At Bent Tree Systems our staff have had many experiences of converting such essential systems into well designed and engineered packages that are usable by all staff and which are easy to maintain and upgrade.


The earliest business applications for computers were databases such as Mailing Lists and Census Reports. We have all come a long way since then, but still the main business application is still the database.

Modern database applications can be very simple to build using products such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Java and .NET.

Modern databases are not hard to use, and most people can create a system that stores data in tables, that makes the data available in reports, and allows easy editing.  Unfortunately a simple table of information is usually not a well designed business application that will automate large “chunks” of your business activity, and ensure that once data is entered, it is not inadvertently corrupted.  Usually large improvements can be made in business productivity by streamlining your application.

Let us demonstrate to you the opportunities that lie hidden beneath the surface of your business databases, and show you how a small investment in software upgrading, can pay large dividends in productivity and hence in reduced labour costs.

Bent Tree Systems
provides a service to upgrade such applications. Adding value to the original concept by adding professional features. Such features can make huge increases to the productivity of a system.

For example, many database applications are constructed without giving any consideration to the fact that ODBC technology allows applications using multiple languages and databases to interface as though they were all the same. This allows an application to share data from many other applications and with staff in other sections. Thereby producing an integrated business system from a pile of uncoordinated tools, ... and without having to do much rewriting!


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