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Features of Filing Clerk
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Options on document collection / input

Associated documents

Documents attached to emails are collected with wizard assistance.

Notes (hand-typed documents) can be entered and associated with an existing document

To-Do List

Impromptu filters available on



Project or F\older

Wizard assistance

Complete a To-Do action

Locate a Person in a company

Locate a person or company from a phone number


By any column, Ascending or Descending

Support Tables for Companies and Contact Persons


Company Summary

Company Detail


Company Summary

Company Detail

Company Data

Impromptu filters available on

Words within Company Name

Customer or Supplier



Web Page

Address Data

Street Address

PO Box Address

Web Page

Contact Persons –

data on multiple contact persons are recorded for each company

Direct links to Outlook

Using Smart Tags

Wizard Assistance

City, State, Post Code and Country will auto-fill.

Document body text is presented for cut-and-paste

Name and Address captured to clipboard for envelopes

Export Contacts

Company and Contact details exportable to CSV and XML formats

Project or Folder Data


Individual Folders are used to group associated documents

Reference Numbers

Two user defined reference number available to identify hard-copy folders.