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Off-the-shelf products

These products are available as-is
or with custom add-ons to meet your particular needs.


Filing Clerk

Filing Clerk is an automated filing clerk.Filing Clerk is a Single Point Storage system. Designed to record essential business documents and make them available to your staff through any networked workstation, Filing Clerk is a central storage file for each project or cost censer that your business uses.

With Filing Clerk, all recorded documents are made available to any authorised user via a simple list. The list can be filtered via a versatile and user-friendly filtering system, or individual documents can be located by global word search. Once located, the properties of the document can be examined or the original document can be displayed, printed or e-mailed.



A temperature monitoring system. Thermo is a combination of a specialised computer peripheral (a box withThermo a real-time multi-point temperature sensor. up to eight plug-in temperature probes) that connects to the computer via a serial port, and a monitoring and recording program that graphs the temperatures measured.


 Time Man

Time Man (or Time manager) records time spent on various projects or with various clients. The worker types a short description of the work just undertaken, along with the start and stop times.time-man reports on the work you have done for your clients.

The system uses this data to automatically produce reports for the following:

  • A detailed report of the work undertaken for each of the customers or for each of the projects, optionally with or without a summary of the hours involved.
  • Weekly time-sheets, with appropriate billing codes, overtime rates leave codes etc.
  • An invoice for each customer based upon the work undertaken and the hourly rate of each type of worker.

This system can take the place of a time-sheets entry program, a time clock, a project reporting program, and a system for balancing flex time sheets.


Bent Tree POS
(Point of Sale)

Handling Sales, Stock Control, Invoicing, Goods Inwards, Inventory  and Accounts Receivable this system provides rapid invoicing and/or Point-of-sale issues invoices and statements.receipting for wholesale, retail, warehousing and point of sale situations.

The system can be set up to perform accounting services for all of the above scenarios, and by customisation, can provide services for many more.


These products are available as off-the-shelf items


Thermo  a multi point remote thermometer with recording and charting software



Filing Clerk a single point storage system for small business




Time man a time recording system with comprehensive monthly reporting.




Bent Tree Point-Of-Sale
stock management and invoicing system.