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Point Of Sale

Bent Tree Systems Point of Sale

Handling Sales, Stock Control, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable this system provides rapid invoicing and/or receipting for wholesale, retail, warehousing and point of sale situations

Touch-Screen Form

For Point of Sale, Bent Tree POS has a choice of input forms for use with Mouse, Screen and Keyboard, Touch Screen, and many other display device combinations.

By utilising information from the stock list, Bent Tree POS rapidly calculates the selling price, the tax amount including multiple tax systems such as GST, WET, and others and also applies suitable discounts such as “specials” and bulk discounts.


The resulting invoice can be:

  • Printed on the spot and shipped with the goods.
  • Printed as a cash receipt, calculating change and balancing the till.
  • Printed as a delivery docket and the invoice posted later.
  • Any other combination that you can think of, as this software is intended to be customised to suit your needs.

The stock system is designed to be categorised, thereby removing the tedious memorising of stock codes. After all, aren’t computers designed to be servants to people (not the other way around). Stock categories and lists within the category can be scrolled and the desired product chosen from the list. Even when using touch screen input.

Further improvements in stock handling can be added using bar code readers, radio tags or any other of the emerging technologies.

Touch Screen Register

For warehouse use, picking lists can be produced from orders and/or imported from other computer systems such as on-line ordering or imported via memory modules. And as the register is tied to the stock control system, the input forms and reports can be arranged to display unavailable stock and can suggest replacement options and/or place back orders.

For industries where goods are shipped on terms, Bent Tree POS will the usual statements and reminders and of course includes a payments received module to track incoming payments.

Overall, Bent Tree POS is designed for situations where the “one size fits all” philosophy does not fit the needs of your business, and where the best solution is the only desirable solution!

Specialist forms & reports are also included in order to give the retailer information about busy time of the day, help with shift scheduling etc.

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