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Building Project
Progress Tracker

This application tracks the attainment / completion of the steps involved in undertaking insurance repairs.


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When undertaking repairs to homes after storm damage etc., several steps have to be performed.
* book a quote
* perform quotation inspection
* submit quote to insurer
* obtain permission to proceed with repair
* begin repair
* complete repair
* invoice the insurer and the client

Other events and options often have to be dealt with:
* variations for non-insured modifications or repairs
* other miscellaneous details

This database records the details of each project, providing various reports for different phases of the jobs and cross references to contact details, email and many other useful software locations, including mail-merge templates for letters and reports etc.  By acting as the "memory" for the project manager the project manager's task is greatly simplified, and what was once a confused 'flood' of tasks has been reduced to manageable proportions.

The software contains links to several templates in Microsoft Word and Excel producing reports in specific formats as required by the insurers and other companies.

This application reduced the project manager's workload by approximately 40%