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This application is available as an off-the shelf item, and is generally not available for customisation. However as many of our products are built to merge into a complete office suite, other applications can be used in conjunction with this without specific modification.

Reminder letters system for a Garage.

The system produces a set of customised letters reminding customers to have regular maintenance.


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This database maintains a list of customers who have had maintenance work done to their cars. After a specified period (3 months) it writes a letter to the customer reminding the customer that a service is due. The letter is personalised with the make and model of the car, the date of the last service and uses the individual name for the customer i.e. Mr. Brown or Bob etc. (as applicable to the customer) and also the make and model of the car. The system produces multiple reports as well as mailing labels, Custom envelopes, and/or letters for use with window envelopes.
The system also produces a list of letters produced in a given period, (week, fortnight, month etc.)

The system also produces invoices to bill the garage for letters produced and mailed.