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This application is available as an off-the shelf item, and is generally not available for customisation. However as many of our products are built to merge into a complete office suite, other applications can be used in conjunction with this without specific modification.

Filing Clerk DMS system.

Designed to record essential business documents and make them available to your staff through any networked workstation, Filing Clerk Provides DMS and CMS services to any small business.


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Correct filing of documents in a business situation can make or break a company. Similarly, failure to back-up your important documents can cost dearly.

Filing Clerk can record all of the documents that your business depends on: contracts, faxes, paper mail, e-mail and any other document, such as word processor documents, photographs and CAD drawings.
The documents are automatically catalogued and stored within a single database.

As each document is recorded, the user has the option to send an automatic e-mail to the staff member who is to follow-up on the item. The status of the follow-up is available on a simple to-do list. Ensuring that all important documents are correctly followed-up.
When Developing new documents, Filing Clerk acts as a Version Control System (VCS) or Content Management System (CMS) keeping a definitive copy of each Draft, Review Copy and Released Version developed.

Document life-cycle is controlled by Filing Clerk, Version numbers, and Life-cycle states are recorded along with the document. The ability to promote and demote document to a new version level is restricted to nominated personnel only.

Once recorded in Filing Clerk, document images can not be deleted, or overwritten - preventing loss or forgery. However multiple versions or iterations of each document can be recorded. So that the most up-to-date version is always available, along with the previous version when required. The entire database can readily be backed-up to CD, DVD or Tape, further reducing the chances of losing data.

Documents are given one of three security classifications, ensuring that sensitive information is secure from prying eyes

A versatile and user-friendly list filtering system is employed to give the user fast access to any document. Groups of documents can be retrieved by Type, Folder, Date and several other associations.