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Distributed  Stock Control  Database (DEPOT)

A distributed stock control system used to maintain records of stock held in several maintenance and construction depots.


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This Stock control system was written for an engineering organisation with several maintenance depots and a number of (temporary) construction depots.

The system includes booking-in stock using ordering schedules for quick reference, and booking-out stock using assembly breakdown and pre-prepared picking lists, also implemented is a facility to perform bulk transfers of stock from one depot to another.

Overall the system produces stock lists that are available on-line, giving up-to-date stock quantities. Printed picking lists to facilitate the withdrawal of stock from the depot. and also facilitates an inter-depot ordering system to facilitate transfer of stock during heavy use periods.

The major sub-systems include Audit facilities to take into consideration shrinkage and spoilage etc.

Whilst not implemented in this case, stock control systems will also typically contain value information (purchase price and/or selling price) for each item type recorded, thus giving an estimate of the worth of the stock held.

As originally implemented, the individual depots used stand-alone computers to ensure high system availability especially during heavy maintenance usage periods such as post cyclones etc.

The depot systems were implemented in MS Access with one or two computers per site being used to maintain  the stock database. Information is shared between sites by uploading to a central system that uses SQL Server to store the master stock list. data being shared, by uploading and downloading stock movements on a regular basis.

This system shared links to the Bill-of-Materials System and Bulk ordering system described here.