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Bill of Materials Database (BOM)

The Bill of Materials program determines from a list of assemblies which components and purchase level assemblies must be purchased to construct a major project.


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Produced for an engineering organisation, and including the master lists of Engineering Components and Assemblies, the Bill-Of-Materials system (BOM) is an extension of the organisation’s Computer Aided Design system (CAD).

The BOM system is used at the completion of the engineering design phase for construction projects to determine the list (Bill) of all components that are required to construct the project. It does this by expanding the list of assemblies and components that is produced by the CAD system.

The BOM produces two main outputs: firstly a list of components for each individual construction (called a picking-list) This is used when the construction team begins withdrawing stock from the construction depots in order to begin construction. The second output is the Bill of Materials itself which is a single list of all components required for the complete construction project.

The Bill of Materials is used as an input into the bulk Component Ordering system, and is also connected to the Depot Stock Control System.