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This is a list of software solutions that have previously been produced.  Click on the navigation buttons below to view other applications or to return to the summary list.

This application was produced previously as a custom solution for the client . It is not available as an off-the shelf item, but a similar solution could be produced for your company. Ask us about a quotation.

Point of Sale system for a wholesaler or Retailer.

Handling Sales, Stock Control, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable this system provides rapid invoicing with total stock costing.


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This customised system was designed particularly for the needs of an importer & wholesaler. The system includes stock control, invoicing and accounts receivable.

Facilities are supplied to produce invoices, receipts, inventory reports, stock auditing, customer history reports and monthly statements.

A similar system is under development as an off the shelf product. See "Bent Tree POS".