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This application was produced previously as a custom solution for the client . It is not available as an off-the shelf item, but a similar solution could be produced for your company. Ask us about a quotation.

Design Change Support and Tracking database.

This database holds information about design changes (called cryptically a Request for Clarification - RFC) each RFC record and its associated list of changes holds information about what is to be changed and why.


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Allowing design changes to be devolved into drawing modifications and documentation modifications, then tracking the modified documents to completion. This system is a critical component in guaranteeing that multiple changes required by the design staff evolve through a complex design procedure into the final product
The database produces multiple reports:
* work outstanding,
* recently completed work,
* work history,
allowing each of the design changes to be tracked through the multiple stages involved in the modification process.
The main output of the system is an on-line summary form displaying the current status of all tasks and sub-tasks.

This together with a set of printed reports showing summaries and details of individual design changes provides all of the information necessary for the designers to undertake their changes and for their progress to be monitored in various meetings etc.