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This is a list of software solutions that have previously been produced.  Click on the navigation buttons below to view other applications or to return to the summary list.

This application was produced previously as a custom solution for the client . It is not available as an off-the shelf item, but a similar solution could be produced for your company. Ask us about a quotation.

Simple Software Configuration Management system

A simple database that allows a programmer to record all of the source code modules associated with a particular version of a software ‘solution’


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This simple system records various source modules of various programs and the final distribution modules. The system is an aid for ensuring that the correct configuration of modules is published and permits the editing and testing of older configurations

Most software systems, are published as one version, whilst the next version is being developed, thereby allowing a steady stream of new releases.

Unfortunately, as you would already be aware, defects often come to light after software has been published. This produces a difficulty for the developer, in that any defect that has been detected, must be repaired in the published version (by releasing an upgrade) and must also be repaired in the version that is still under development.

Whilst this is not impossibly hard, it can be very confusing to keep track of many instances of the ‘same’ source-code module, and simultaneously ensure that each copy that is released as a new release or as a defect repairing upgrade. Consequently a Software Configuration management system is an essential part of a developer’s toolkit.

This particular database was developed in order to determine the features that would be required in a more permanent solution using one of several industry standard solutions.