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This is a list of software solutions that have previously been produced.  Click on the navigation buttons below to view other applications or to return to the summary list.

This application was produced previously as a custom solution for the client . It is not available as an off-the shelf item, but a similar solution could be produced for your company. Ask us about a quotation.

Butterfly Tracker

Hardware and Software combination forming a scientific instrument. This records the movement of butterflies within a test area.


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Utilising a hand-held computer with specialised tracking instruments and custom-made interfacing hardware. This system records the location of butterflies in real-time, within a test zone where several food plants and non-food plants have been placed.

The files of recorded data are transferred to a Desktop PC using a serial interface, where the data is converted to location information, allowing the flight path of the subjects to be analysed, with a view to understanding the behaviour of different species of butterflies.

The design project consisted of creating the interface hardware and writing the necessary programs to record data and transfer files to the desktop PC.  The Instrumentation hardware had previously been created and tested. The equipment had to be constructed in a rugged enough manner to withstand prolonged field use. The use of a handheld PC as the main part of the system greatly reduced the amount of work required to complete the system.

Whilst this application was designed for a pure science situation, it utilises technologies and demonstrates methods that can be used in many commercial situations.  The system used real-time capture of analogue data using specialised hardware based around A/D converters.  The data captured was stored into files within the hand-held device, and later the captured files of data were transmitted to desk-top computers for analysis using specialised triangulation and statistical analysis systems.