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Physical & Functional Configuration Audit System

Designed to verify the completion of a complex engineering project, this database acts as a tool used to audit the completion of all aspects of the project


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This database is used to track the physical completion and functional completion of complex engineering projects. It links into other databases, including Access, Paradox, flat text, SQL server, Excel and Oracle in fact any database accessible via ODBC etc.
The database identifies the individual documents that are being tracked in the (attached) monitored databases and determines those documents which have been completed, according to rules set down by the user. The presumption being that when all documents that are monitoring tasks that make up the whole task, are completed (i.e. signed-off by the relevant authority) then the whole task is completed.

This approach for performing FCA/PCA can be used as  a management tool - tracking the number of outstanding issues in real-time and by graphing the percent completed to draw a classic 'S' curve. This allows an estimate of time to complete to be calculated.

In practice, not all of the individual tasks are completed at the time of practical completion - the Audit system produces a list of all incomplete tasks and the participants negotiate the risks and timeframe for completion of all issues outstanding.
The database then ‘baselines’ the project and outstanding tasks are tracked to completion as a second phase of the project.

In its first use the database tracked 1352 documents to completion.