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This is a list of software solutions that have previously been produced.  Click on the navigation buttons below to view other applications or to return to the summary list.

This application was produced previously as a custom solution for the client . It is not available as an off-the shelf item, but a similar solution could be produced for your company. Ask us about a quotation.

Web based application form and automatic email follow-up.

This add-on to the broker tracking software collects new brokerage applications using a web site, updates the main database and sends follow-up emails back the applicants.


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This add-on to the broker tracking software(mentioned elsewhere) collects new brokerage applications using a web site.  This password protected web site presents a multi-page application form.  Upon completion of the application form, the application is sent to the main database where the application and the brokers' choices are recorded; and follow-up emails are sent back the applicants. The email also contains a list of hyperlinks to the various application forms that the lending institutions require the broker to fill-in.

The application web page is complicated considerably by having to cope with the addition and superseding of various lending organisations, banks etc., which are added and removed from the application system without recourse to programmer intervention.

A form of "content control system" was created to record the various documents that are required by each lending institution, and to record the portfolio of lending institutions and loan products that are offered to the brokers. Once recorded in the database held by the Lending Aggregator, the changed details are compiled into HTML and ASPX web code and uploaded to the website. 

When the Prospective Broker fills-in the form, the broker's choices are emailed to the Lending Aggregator where they are used to begin the process of checking all training and approvals are obtained (see Broker Registration System).

Further emails are sent to the Applicant, listing the documents that he/she will need to complete and providing hyperlinks to obtain them.

All of the above process is performed by the Loan Aggregator's staff without programmer intervention or assistance.