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This is a list of software solutions that have previously been produced.  Click on the navigation buttons below to view other applications or to return to the summary list.

This application is available as an off-the shelf item, and is generally not available for customisation. However as many of our products are built to merge into a complete office suite, other applications can be used in conjunction with this without specific modification.

Automatic Testing Procedure database.

This solution, automatically generates a comprehensive test procedure for the user interface of any MS-Access database.


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This database consists of a list of all of the popular controls used in an MS Access database solution. 

Each control type is associated with a list of tests that should be applied.

In order to generate a comprehensive user interface test procedure, all controls in each form and report in the solution are listed together with the tests to apply.

The primary output of this application is a printed report that acts as a “tick and flick” list for recording test results.

Bent Tree Systems uses this database as an adjunct for debugging and verifying applications. It does not replace a requirements based test suite, it complements it by ensuring that all user interface controls are fully checked.

Note: Theoretically this automated test procedure generator can be created for any GUI based programming system. However it is currently only implemented for MS-Access.