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This application is available as an off-the shelf item, and is generally not available for customisation. However as many of our products are built to merge into a complete office suite, other applications can be used in conjunction with this without specific modification.


A temperature monitoring system. Thermo is a specialised computer peripheral with up to eight plug-in temperature probes, and software which records and graphs the temperature measurements.


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Thermo is a combination of a specialised computer peripheral (a box with up to eight plug-in temperature probes) that connects to the computer via an RS232 serial ports, and a monitoring and recording program that draws a graph of the temperatures measured.

Temperature data from up to eight probes is sampled periodically and logged to disk by the monitoring software.

The inexpensive probes can be placed at key locations around the air-conditioned area, outside the building and anywhere else desired.

Each probe measures temperature in the range 10C to 50C in 0.2 increments.

Alternative probes are also available with wider thermal range and higher resolution.