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This application is available as an off-the shelf item, and is generally not available for customisation. However as many of our products are built to merge into a complete office suite, other applications can be used in conjunction with this without specific modification.

Filtering Add-in for use with Microsoft Access

This Add-in provides a means to rapidly add standardised filtering controls to forms and reports within a Microsoft Access Database


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By using this add-in, a programmer can add filtering controls to any data browsing form in a Microsoft Access Database.

The programmer begins by adding filter controls to the header area of the form.  Once the filter controls are created, the filter wizard add-in is executed and the programmer associates each filter control with a column of data.

The Add-In finally creates event functions for each of the filter controls.  Thus the final application can operate independently of the filter add-in. The filter being now built-into the programmer's application.

In use, filter controls can be used individually or in groups to rapidly select a filter group of the original data.  The filter makes extensive use of double-clicking to create rapidly select the desired groups of data.

Typically a user can locate the desired data within three seconds by use of this kind of filter.