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Quality measurements recorder for a brick works

This event driven database records quality control measurements at regular intervals.

Building Project
Progress Tracker

This application tracks the attainment / completion of the steps involved in undertaking insurance repairs.

Broker Registration System

Broker Registration System for a Lending Aggregator, tracks new brokers when they register, ensuring that their accreditations and memberships are up-to-date.

Web based application form and automatic email follow-up.

This add-on to the broker tracking software collects new brokerage applications using a web site, updates the main database and sends follow-up emails back the applicants.

Order Spreadsheet

Modify a product inventory spreadsheet to produce order schedules for a product supplier who sells to the Education sector.

Bent Tree POS  (Point of Sale)

Handling Sales, Stock Control, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable this system provides rapid invoicing and/or receipting for wholesale, retail, warehousing and point of sale situations.

Personnel Information System

This system makes available basic information about staff from the company’s personnel system.

Filtering Add-in for use with Microsoft Access

This Add-in provides a means to rapidly add standardised filtering controls to forms and reports within a Microsoft Access Database

Security wizard Add-In for use with Microsoft Access

This Add-In provides a means to rapidly secure all of the forms and reports in a Microsoft Access database

Quotation software

Creates individually customised quotations for customers.

Correspondence Database

This simple database captures information about incoming and outgoing mail and assigns each to the appropriate “Project File”.

Customer Database for a Solicitor

This simple customer database was used to “cleanup” data that had been previously collected and which contained many user-created flaws.

Reminder letters system for a Garage.

The system produces a set of customised letters reminding customers to have regular maintenance.

Filing Clerk DMS system.

Designed to record essential business documents and make them available to your staff through any networked workstation, Filing Clerk Provides DMS and CMS services to any small business.

Staff Time Sheets / Activity Reporting System

A time sheets, and activity reporting system that produces several outputs including a detailed monthly report on activities undertaken.

Student database for a High School.

The system records Student details, Academic records, Fee records and family relationships.

Distributed  Stock Control  Database (DEPOT)

A distributed stock control system used to maintain records of stock held in several maintenance and construction depots.

Bill of Materials Database (BOM)

The Bill of Materials program determines from a list of assemblies which components and purchase level assemblies must be purchased to construct a major project.

Components Ordering database (COMPONENT)

Lists of components determined by the Bill-of-Materials system are grouped, edited and split into individual schedules of materials to be used in purchase contracts.

Traction Load Flow Analysis System

This electrical circuit modelling system, is used to analyse complex electrical traction distribution circuitry.

Defect Recording and Task Delegation System

This simple database records “defects”, "issues" or “tasks to be done” against various “projects” and records the details of the remedial work undertaken.

Gathered Data Download and Engineering Management System

This system downloads various event records from an aircraft’s memory module, allowing support staff to analyse events for fault finding purposes.

Point of Sale system for a wholesaler or Retailer.

Handling Sales, Stock Control, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable this system provides rapid invoicing with total stock costing.

Design Change Support and Tracking database.

This database holds information about design changes (called cryptically a Request for Clarification - RFC) each RFC record and its associated list of changes holds information about what is to be changed and why.

Recorded Data Analyser

This system examines large collections of logged data, identifying anomalies, then producing a graphical display of each anomaly.

Simple Software Configuration Management system

A simple database that allows a programmer to record all of the source code modules associated with a particular version of a software ‘solution’

Butterfly Tracker

Hardware and Software combination forming a scientific instrument. This records the movement of butterflies within a test area.

Calibration Database

A simple database listing all equipment that requires regular calibration, this database produces reports of equipment to be calibrated each month.

Physical & Functional Configuration Audit System

Designed to verify the completion of a complex engineering project, this database acts as a tool used to audit the completion of all aspects of the project

Requirements Database

This database is used to maintain a list of the requirements which are defined for individual projects.

Automatic Testing Procedure database.

This solution, automatically generates a comprehensive test procedure for the user interface of any MS-Access database.

Filing Clerk

Filing Clerk is a Document Management system. Designed to record essential business documents and make them available to your staff through any networked workstation.


A temperature monitoring system. Thermo is a specialised computer peripheral with up to eight plug-in temperature probes, and software which records and graphs the temperature measurements.

Time Manager

This application records time spent on various projects or with various clients.

As each task is completed, a short description of it’s details are typed into the database, along with start and end times.

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