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In building a database or other solution for your company (as our customer), or even in providing a rough estimate for a solution, Bent Tree Systems will have to collect information about the workings of your company that will often be of a confidential nature. It is of course essential that we collect such information; and the performance of any solution designed will undoubtedly suffer if such information is withheld. Bent Tree Systems pledges to keep such information confidential just as is expected of any employee of your company. Such information may include but is not limited to personal, product and contact information.

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Where you (the customer) require that in estimating or quoting for a particular system to support (say) a new product or process, Bent Tree Systems will be happy to sign such an agreement and to keep such information private until the information becomes generally available.

Specific Data Required
During application development; and specifically for those applications where a new application is being built around existing data, Bent Tree Systems will construct new data tables and will require that they be populated from existing real data from your business. This usually occurs at least twice during product development: once early in product development in order to trial new systems and algorithms, and secondly the systems will be populated with up-to-date information at the time of hand-over and on-site trials. Whilst the system being developed, may possibly be developed and debugged using only made-up data, this will significantly increase the risk of failure of the completed system. Should you wish, the data used for testing can be obfuscated by  (say) changing names and addresses held in the tables. The cost of such obfuscation will be extra to the prices estimated unless specifically nominated in contract documents.

Where Bent Tree Systems uses subcontractors to build parts of the product system, such subcontractors will be required (in writing) to follow this same privacy policy.

Third Parties
Information gathered by Bent Tree Systems as discussed above will not be provided to unauthorized third parties for any purpose. In those cases where such information may be required to be provided to third parties not identified above, as a part of the development process, Bent Tree Systems will provide such information only after obtaining permission from the customer.

Legal Requirements
Information gathered by Bent Tree Systems (as discussed above) will be provided to the appropriate third parties where obliged to do so by law, or where required to do so to protect the rights of Bent Tree Systems.

Review of data held
You (the customer) may request a review or audit of data held by Bent Tree Systems at any time. Such review or audit to be undertaken at the customers cost. Any information held by Bent Tree Systems that is found to be inaccurate or inappropriate for the purposes of product development will be modified or deleted as directed by the customer.

If you have any questions about this policy or its ramifications to your business, please contact us on:

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