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Software Warranty
At Bent Tree Systems we supply  or products with a “parts and labour” twelve months warranty.
In other words, if the program that we have written does not behave correctly we will correct the error free of charge.  However if the correction that is requested is an alteration to the original scope of works, then the alteration will be treated as an extra to the contract.

Tracking Defects
The key step in producing any high quality product is to first acknowledge that defects occur.

At Bent Tree Systems  we are not happy with “bugs” in our software and we try hard to find them all before shipping; but when one slips through our testing process we don’t try to hide it. Instead we provide our customers with the knowledge that every defect that is brought to our attention is recorded and corrected in a timely manner. 

To do this we provide you with  an interface into our defects tracking system. This allows our customers to view every defect that they report; and verify that each has been evaluated, rectified and that the software has been verified to work properly.

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Customer Log-in
If you have purchased one of Bent Tree Systems’ customised products you can log-into our defects tracker system here.

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Request Support
If you have a defect to report or want to request a particular feature, please

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