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Time Manager

Time manager

This application records time spent on various projects or with various clients.

As each task is completed, a short description of it’s details are typed into the database, along with start and end times.

time sheets

At the end of each month, or other reporting period, these comments are collated and edited into a paragraph or two. When all such paragraphs from all of the staff are collated, they produce a detailed report of the work undertaken in the reporting period. This produces a printed report describing all work undertaken on a project-by-project basis for the customers. The system can optionally produce an invoice for the time taken multiplied by the hourly rates of the individual staff members.

The system also collates total hours and attendance hours, which is exported to the personnel system and the billing system.

The system takes the place of:

  • a time-sheets entry and approval system,
  • an expenses entry and approval system
  • a project reporting program,
  • a system for balancing flex time sheets.
  • a system for producing invoices for hourly paid staff.

This system is highly flexible, with user-selectable reporting periods for time sheets reporting period individual hourly rates etc.

The outputs from the program can be input directly into most payroll programs and into accounting systems. Although it is usually best to use the work done report as an appendix and generate the invoice based on the totals produced in the detailed report.

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